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Statutory References

for Oregon Cities

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The statutory references listed below refer the code user to state statutes applicable to Oregon cities. They are current as reviewed in the Oregon Revised Statutes, 2021 Edition.

General Provisions

Authority over local affairs. ORS 221.410

Boundary changes. ORS 222.005 et seq.

Charter amendments. ORS 221.210

City charters. Oregon Const. Art. XI, § 2

Elections. ORS 221.160 through 221.200 and 221.230

Enforcement of ordinances. ORS 30.315 and 221.315

Incorporation of cities. ORS 221.005 through 221.106

Initiative and referendum. ORS 221.210 and 250.255 et seq.

Ordinances. ORS 221.275 through 221.333

Procedures, fines and penalties for traffic violations. ORS Chapters 153 and 801 et seq.

Violations and fines – Procedures for criminal matters. ORS Chapter 153

Revenue and Finance

Assessments for local improvements. ORS 223.387 through 223.401

Financial administration. ORS Chapter 294

Limitations on powers of city to assist corporations. Oregon Const. Art. XI, § 9

Public contracts and purchasing (“Public Contracting Code”). ORS 279.835 through 279.855 and Chapters 279A, 279B, and 279C

Business Licenses, Taxes and Regulations

Cannabis ordinances and licensing. ORS 475C.950

Licensing and taxation. ORS 221.410 et seq.

Liquor licenses. ORS 471.155 et seq.

Medical Marijuana ordinances and licensing. ORS 475C.945

Taxation of liquor prohibited. ORS 473.190

Health and Safety

Camping by homeless. ORS 195.500 et seq.

Disease and condition control – Mass gatherings – Indoor air. ORS Chapter 433

General authority. ORS 221.410 et seq.

Health districts. ORS 440.305 through 440.410

Public health measures. ORS 433.110 through 433.220

State and local enforcement of health laws. ORS Chapter 431

Weed control. ORS Chapter 569

Public Peace, Morals and Welfare

Curfew. ORS 419C.680

Firearms regulation. ORS 166.170 et seq.

General authority. ORS 221.410 et seq.

Noise control. ORS 467.100

Obscenity and indecency. ORS 167.060 through 167.100

Oregon Criminal Code of 1971. ORS 161.005 et seq.

Prohibitions on local governments as to crimes involving use of alcohol, cannabis or drugs. ORS 430.402

Recreational use of cannabis. ORS Chapter 475C

State penal code (“Oregon Criminal Code of 1971”). ORS Chapters 161 through 169

Vehicles and Traffic

Abandoned vehicles. ORS 819.100 through 819.215

Bicycles, motorcycles, scooters. ORS Chapter 814

Local authority. ORS 801.040

Oregon vehicle code. ORS Chapters 801 through 826

Parking offenses. ORS 221.275 through 221.290 and 221.333

Procedures for traffic offenses. ORS 153.530 et seq.

Streets, Sidewalks and Public Property

City improvements and works. ORS Chapter 223

City parks, memorials and cemeteries. ORS Chapter 226

Public Services

City sewers and sanitation. ORS Chapter 224

Municipal utilities. ORS Chapter 225

System development charges. ORS 223.297 et seq.

Buildings and Construction

Adoption of codes by reference. ORS 221.330

Municipal regulation. ORS 455.148 et seq.

Municipal review and inspection. ORS 455.675 et seq.

Radio antennas. ORS 221.295

State Building Code. ORS Chapter 455


Subdivisions and partitions. ORS Chapter 92


City planning and zoning. ORS Chapter 227

Land use planning. ORS Chapter 197

Mobile home and manufactured dwelling parks. ORS 446.003 et seq.