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The city library department shall be under the direction of the city librarian who shall be accountable to the city manager. The city librarian shall:

A. Formulate and recommend to the city manager for approval policies and procedures in connection with the management, operation and control of the Beaverton City Library and the activities connected with it; administer such policies and procedures when approved by the city manager; and conduct such activities for the City.

B. Formulate for approval plans and programs pertaining to the growth, use, and development of programs that will meet the reading and information needs of the inquiring public and residents of the community.

C. Supervise the selection of all books, periodicals and other materials used in the library.

D. Perform such other duties as may be required by the city manager. [BC 2.02.052, amended by Ordinance No. 4794, 12/1/20]